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If you want to gather it, Then don't kick over it.
                                   Those phrases "No i'm not gonna be the one who calls first" " Play hard to get !! Play hard to get !! Don't be naive & play hard to get !!",...etc. Those phrases that pass by our ears everyday from a lot of people. Why aren't relationships as before, I'm not saying that relationships were easy, No relationships were never easy, i'm talking about some phases in any relationship. Why do now both sides have to play hard to get ?! & sometimes the two of them get bored & move on ! Why don't guys *a lot of guys but not all* anymore take one girl enough at a time ?!

                                    What is that stupid concept that some guys have about have at least two girls at a time so that when one leaves you have got another one ?! Yeah time changes stuff & people, but not like that ! What is that that guys like about saying perverted things & they think that girls like them !? *Trash* Guys who think like that know nothing about a girl. Here's a fact about girls *GIRLS HATE WHEN GUYS SAY PERVERTED THINGS* Don't even think that we're gonna like you if you said those stuff, you're wrong if you think that. & What is that other stupid concept that girls aren't as before anymore ?!?! What are you talking about ?! Girls haven't changed that way. We just stopped believing jerks, we're more aware of assholes, & we know what we are capable of. Girls still have that kind side of them but just if you deserve her then she'll show it to you.

                                     So GUYS stop blaming girls for the way you're treating them,Blame yourself. & Stop that "She doesn't have that look that i'm looking for." phrase. *Trash* Did you even think of giving a fat/nerd/gothic/emo/..etc a chance to know her ?! *NO* Then you don't have the right to judge her...!!!!! & GIRLS just because some guy didn't treat you right doesn't mean that all of them won't. NOT all the guys or girls are the same !!  

                                      Relationships shouldn't be that complicated,shouldn't be about who calls first & those smallness thoughts ,shouldn't be that if a GUY/GIRL call first or say sth sentimintal first then one of them is easy to get, Stop that way of thinking. Relationships should be about BOTH sides. Both sides should TRUST and RESPECT eachother, They should see their relationship as an opportunity to give.They should admit their mistakes,listen,support each other. They should be open to each other,& they should want each other more than they need each other. Cause if they do that then they will be good relationship builders.
                                       So treasure your relationships,learn to see the other and honor him/her for what he/she is, I guess its obvious through out your life that you can't always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.


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