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Don't wear it as the fashion of your hat.
                          You can't have a rainbow without a little rain, or at least that's what's said ! & throughout our lives that phrase have proven that it existed from the storms that hit us almost everyday, all those *Trust-issues* from the lies, broken promises,..blah blah blah. Also from backstabbers, users, fake friends, jerks & a lot of others that teach us a lesson everytime we meet them. But at the end of that storm, everything has to turn to better cause if it's not okay then that's not the end yet.

                         I would like to ask you something, Have you ever known the BIG SECRET of getting out of every storm ?! Yeah some of you might know but others don't or they think they do & NO its not good luck, But today is your lucky day cause the big secret isn't that hidden, in fact many have told you about it but you maybe just was involved so much in your vortex that you didn't listen well. That big secret that some die without even knowing it, is Believing & having faith in God *Allah*.

                         As having faith in God *Allah* is the light that guides you through the darkness. It is such comfort to drop the tangles of your life into God's *Allah* hands and leave them there cause he will never let you down. Cause When God *Allah* calls you to do something, he enables you to do it. & if you try to have much faith in god that way you're letting go of fear. God *Allah* is always there for you more than anybody will, He's ready to help you & give you strength for life's bumps. Don't even hesitate in turning your things to him cause when sorrow looks back, & worry looks around, faith in God *Allah* makes you look up.

                          Now when we start to talk about relationships & ask ourselves why most of the time they don't work, Here's the answer, they end as a result cause You didn't put God *Allah* first, so always put God *Allah* first in your relationship as he's the strength to make it last.

                          I'm pretty sure that you want a better life, and you can only achieve it by alot of ways but ahead of them all is Believing & Having faith in GOD *ALLAH*, & that's why you should wash your face every morning in a bath of praise. & everyday do your best cause God *Allah* will do the rest. Someone once told me " No God, No peace. Know God, Know Peace" & since then i've been trying to know God *Allah* as much as i can. & when life knocks you down,Don't forget that while you're down there to pray & God will answer your prayers & give you strength to get up again ':)'.


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