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No drama, only how I really feel.
My piece of paper to let it all out is here; to myself wishing that when writing it down it might make slightly better, and not to be a drama queen but..

It feels like my world is falling, crumbling apart, life is becoming meaningless & that's just the start.
My hearts coming so sore, I can feel it breaking & I swear to god it leaves me shaking! Late at night till early in the morning, lying in bed eyes wide open, last night couldn't sleep, like all the others, instead I just lie crying in the covers.
I keep telling myself "Quick, wipe away all the tears before they come near", must hide this pain & the feelings of I don't know what but maybe depression..

For all they know I'm happy & always smiling, but deep inside my soul is slowly dying.
I can feel it rotting, it wants to scream, but I won't let it; specially not for the time being!
I can never tell them how I feel cause the happiness I wear to them is real, so I'll try my best not to be selfish, as I'll keep my secret hidden.